Rule And Regulations

Admission Procedures:

  1. Students have to get registration from the school office and submit it duly filled in with other relevant documents.
  2. They have to appear in the test and to attend interview for admission.
  3. The age of the child for Nursery and LKG should be 3+ and 4+ respectively.
  4. Registration for the Nursery class starts from January every year. They may be promoted to LKG class in October after 4 months.
  5. Admission to other classes will be held from April.
  6. The Principal reserves the right to grant admission or otherwise to a student without having to assign reasons for his action.
  7. No donation is accepted for securing admission in this institution.

Requirement For New Admissions:

  1. Countersigned transfer certificate.
  2. Two passport size photo
  3. Copy of birth � certificate.
  4. Mark list of the last annual examination.

Attendance and leave rules:

  1. All students are expected to attend the school on the first day, after each of the vacation. It is compulsory for the students to complete 75% of total attendance during the session, failing which he / she may not be allowed to take the final examination.
  2. If a student continues to be absent for a month without the previous written permission of the principal, his/her name will be struck off the school rolls.
  3. Leave must always be applied for in advance. Under unforeseen circumstances, if a student is absent without leave, it should be got regularised soon after attending the school.
  4. In case of prolonged illness the leave application must be supported by a Medical Certificate.