Our Facilities


Here students are encouraged to explore the world around them. A hi-tech library andinformation hub with books, Videos and CDs on a diverse range of subjects. The whole idea here being to make learning an interesting enriching and complete experience for students.

Medical Facility:

Health and welfare of the students come first and it is our prime concern that your ward is well cared in the most scientific and holistic way. Student’s health is regularly monitored by the team of our Doctors in our School.


The school has a huge Cafeteria with ultra modern facility which provide health conscious nourishment to the students.

Computer Lab:

Online and satellite transmission have definitely brought a revolution in the educatic sector as well. This has not just bridged communication gap but has widened t[ scope beyond geographic and demographic barrier. Our students gain . experience and gather information regarding laws of Physics, Chemistry, Bic Geography, Computer, Fashion studies & Mathematics Lab.

Transport Facility:

The student can adopt the school transportation for safety point of view. School transport routes are fixed. Transporter will pick the students only for the stoppage. The school can not be held responsible for any accident, injury or mishap to any child. Children wishing to withdraw the school transport facility will have to give one month’s notice to the principal in writing. There is no system of part withdrawal or one way charged as the transport conveyances are contracted on a monthly bases for the whole year and as such full 12 months charges for the transport are payable fee.